Victory in Him

I woke up today cautious. I knew that God was in full control of whatever direction our great nation took, but I still had some concerns that people in this country would close their eyes to the truth. The truth that Ms. Clinton had committed several acts that constitute treason, she consistently lied about everything, she has hundreds of mysterious bodies that can be traced back to her or her husband and she has consistently surrounded herself with corrupt and evil people. The truth is that a presidency under Clinton would have resulted in the weakening of our military, and the destruction of the Christian foundation on which this country was built.

President-Elect trump undoubtedly has said and done things in his past that are vulgar and distasteful, but all of those things occurred decades ago. There was never any evidence to suggest that any of the sudden accusations were anything more than a ploy by the Clinton campaign (as so many of his accusers were all of a sudden given money or status by Clinton) as an attempt to take the focus off of her enormous corruption and criminal activity.

That being said, with the nomination of Trump as the next President of the United States, and the victory that bring to our country, there is no way that this could have been accomplished by we the people alone. The true victory in all of this is that the Glory and Mercy of Christ has been poured out on this country and His people. A ruling party and a crime syndicate that have been steadily trying to push Christ out of America, was staunchly defeated today through nothing less than the Power and Might of our God. Just like when he demonstrated his Power through Elijah, God demonstrated that not only is He still on the throne of the universe, He is still active and moving in this great nation. That is enough for me to feel secure. God has always used imperfect people (Paul, Peter, a talking donkey) to accomplish great and amazing things for Him. I can only believe that with the election of Trump, God will use his brokenness and imperfectness to accomplish something greater than anything we can see now.

So while Trump has been elected as the next president of the United States, we as God’s people cannot neglect the truth that the only reason this happened was due to Christ’s power and might. As a united country, a united group of people, we need to  humble ourselves and pray. Pray for our country and pray for President-elect Trump. We need to reach out to those who did not want this victory in love and grace in an effort to unite our people and not continue the divisive nature that has resulted from the last 8 years. God is in control and His might and power have been unequivocally demonstrated in this election. Now, as His people, we have to continue to pray and be diligent in our behavior and words so that they glorify the One who made this victory possible.


Published by: kristenkrueger092014

I am a Christian counselor, speaker and author. I have traveled the painful and difficult path of healing after trauma and want to bring hope and healing to those who are suffering. So often trauma leaves lasting wounds that no one can see. These invisible wounds affect every aspect of our lives and can be devastating. There is hope in healing from these invisible wounds.

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