Lessons from a baby

Sometimes you forget the blessings in life because everything around you seems so hard. Especially when it comes to being a mom. I’m a first time mom to a perfect little boy. He’s happy, smiling, funny, engaging and joyful, except when he’s not. Because he’s so social, the sleep deprivation is REAL even more now because he wants to play and be around mommy and daddy. I’m trying to build a business, going to school full time for my doctorate, and be a mom and a wife. I feel drained all the time, exhausted to a level I never thought possible, and mostly feel like a shadow of who I want to be and who I used to be. So it’s hard sometimes to see the joy, to remember the blessings and to focus on the small things like my little boy’s smile that lights up his face and a laugh that makes me laugh too. But I’m learning. I’m learning to stop and play, to not stress about what could happen or what is happening. I’m learning to experience the joy of watching the loud geese fly by, because he’s teaching me. So often we think that parents are the ones who teach their children, which is true, but more often it’s our children who teach us. Their innocence, joy, and love teaches us to remember what matters in life, teaches us to embrace every moment because excitement and joy is found in everything. I look forward to the days when I can begin to impart wisdom and excitement on my son, but until then, I relish the lessons he teaches me everyday.


Published by: kristenkrueger092014

I am a Christian counselor, speaker and author. I have traveled the painful and difficult path of healing after trauma and want to bring hope and healing to those who are suffering. So often trauma leaves lasting wounds that no one can see. These invisible wounds affect every aspect of our lives and can be devastating. There is hope in healing from these invisible wounds.

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