Do Black Lives Really Matter to You?

I don’t want this to be political or hateful, I truly want to understand. I grew up in a white suburban neighborhood where I had black friends and interacted with the black community. I have good friends who are black and have never had a problem interacting with them. So I am struggling to understand the level of hatred and evil, the claims of racism and purposeful targeting of the black community coming from the people engaged in or supporting the black lives matter movement. I am not naive, I know that racism exists still, and that there are people who have a profound hatred and intolerance of minorities based on nothing more than the color of their skin and the generational curse of racism. I understand that there are bad people who choose to become law enforcement officers who then choose to do bad things. I do not, however, understand how privileged black Americans can claim that they have been systematically oppressed and discriminated against. Furthermore, I see the black lives matter people violently destroying their own cities, murdering innocent people who have never done anything to them solely based on their race, and who are silent when innocent black children are gunned down in the streets and black people in Haiti are killed by natural disasters. So my question to the black lives matter people and to those who support them is, do black lives really matter to you? Are you truly fighting to rid the country of the last remnants of racism, to heal your broken community and build up a generation of competent, healthy, and successful individuals? Or are you just looking for a reason to riot, to destroy things, to loot and steal, an excuse to act out? From where I’m standing, I see a group of well organized individuals who, if they were truly focused on starting a movement where racism and the issues with the black community were to be changed, they would use their collective power to target the black gang bangers who are murdering their children. They would go after the dead beat fathers who continue to impregnate their women and leave them alone to raise their child without emotional or financial support. They would rally and raise money and start blood and clothing donation drives for those in their community who have been devastated by natural disasters. If the black lives movement was truly focused on making changes in the black community so that their young men and women have no contact with law enforcement and lower the risk of them being shot while engaging in criminal behavior, then they would be fighting against the system of black oppression raging in places like Chicago where the gangs run the street and steal the innocence and future of the black children in the inner city neighborhoods. Where’s the rally cry for the children murdered while sleeping in their bed, for the black teenager gunned down by another black teenager? There is a lie being told by the government and the loud voices of the likes of Al Sharpton and Kapernick. The lie is that the reason the black community is oppressed, the reason their children are dying, is because the white people are racist, that they are targeting the black community for extermination. The problem is that none of that is true. The Planned Parenthood founder once said the reason for abortion was to control the black population, yet the black community continues to vote for people who support that mission, blindly following people who are continuing to keep them oppressed. The truth is that study after study shows that the presence of a father and a mother, but especially a father in a child’s life is linked to greater academic achievement and success in life, whereas the absence of the father is linked to criminal activity and life long struggles. So why aren’t the black lives matter people fighting those things? Why do they continue to advance an agenda and lies that are designed to deceive them into thinking that the only way out of their struggles is to blame someone else and riot? Black lives do not really matter to the people organizing protests and riots. They are getting behind violent criminals who made poor choices rather than fighting the criminal behavior in their community. They are racist and blaming white people for the culture that they themselves have created. If black lives really mattered, they would be fighting for what is right, not planning on looting when the hurricane comes because they need a new iPhone. If black lives really mattered they would be fighting the gangs, drugs, and deadbeat parents who are the creating a culture of violence and facilitating the murder of their children and an environment where the black community blindly believes that they can’t be who they want to be because someone else is holding them back. So do black lives really matter? Definitely not to the people who have orchestrated the destruction of communities, the murder of law enforcement and innocent people based on race, and facilitated the lie that the black community is stuck where they are because the white people are oppressing them.


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